Privacy Policy

Last updated: September 2022.

Personal information we collect and what we use it for

We collect personal information for the purposes set forth below.

Clients and authorized users

The information we collect from clients and authorized users.

In your capacity as an authorized user or contact for our Services, we collect limited personal information about you, such as your name, email and in some cases phone number, job title(s), employer name(s), physical address and any other personal information that you choose to provide to us to obtain the Services, or any other information which you communicate to us by email or any other form of communication. We also collect your IP Address, geographical location and track your information about your use of our Services. We track session information regarding your use of the Services. Additionally, in those instances where you are paying for Services, we may collect credit card or payment related information.

The purpose for which we collect information from clients and authorized users

We use the personal information to administer and support the contracts and relationships we have with you or your employer and the authorized users of and subscribers to our Services. We use this information to provide updates about these Services, to monitor compliance with the terms on which we offer our Services, to enable third parties to provide services related to our provision of Services, to improve the Services, to provide you relevant CVCA content, to deliver support related to the Services to you or your employer, to manage billing and other client inquiries, send you information about other products or services that may be of interest to you. We may provide personal information to any competent legal or regulatory body in accordance with applicable law and regulation. We may provide personal information to a potential buyer or target (and to their or our agents and advisers) in connection with any proposed transaction involving all or any part of our business. If such a change happens to our business, the buyer or target will use your personal information in the same way as set out in this Policy or will inform you about how it will use your personal information as required by applicable law.


The information we collect from the services.

If you are accessing the Services, including our websites, the information we collect may include name, IP, physical and email addresses, phone number(s), and any other information you choose to share via an online registration or request form. We also collect information about your use of the Services and what newsletters or other communications you agree to receive following your visit to the Services, including any of our websites.

The purpose for which we collect information from website visitors

We use the personal information (and any preferences indicated by you, where appropriate) to send you the data, tools and other information you have requested, to inform you about products and services we offer, to improve the Services, and, in some cases, to directly or indirectly provide you with third-party advertisements which may be of interest to you and may be based on any preferences you have indicated in your registration or request form.


The information we collect from suppliers

We collect limited personal information, such as name, email and in some cases your IP address, phone number, and postal business address, or other information you provide to us by email or any other method of communication, as a contact for the supplier of the business products and services being provided to CVCA.

The purpose for which we collect information from suppliers

We use the personal information to administer and support the contracts we have with you or your employer. We also may use this information to improve the Services, to contact you for purposes of dealing with support, billing and other inquiries about your products and services.

Links to other websites

CVCA may provide links to other websites from the Services. We encourage you to read those websites’ individual privacy policies before providing any of your personal information to them. CVCA is not responsible for those websites, their policies or practices.

Personal information: How long we keep it

CVCA retains personal information only for as long as necessary for the uses we have set out above. Individual jurisdictions have different regulatory and legal retention requirements and CVCA is bound to keep certain personal data in accordance with these requirements.

Personal information: How we store and process it

All personal information we gather from you may be processed and stored in any one of our locations and may subsequently be transferred to other countries for further processing, storage, or use by either CVCA or third parties on CVCA’s behalf. Our staff who need to access personal information to perform their roles will have access to it and have agreed to comply with CVCA’s policies on data protection.

CVCA also uses a number of third parties to provide services on its behalf. These services may include, but are not limited to, handling, processing, and delivery of mailings, providing customer support, hosting websites, processing transactions, performing statistical analysis of our Services, and providing systems and software for administrative functions, such as sales processing, accounting and finance management, and procurement. In such cases, CVCA remains the controller of the personal data, and the third parties are only permitted to process the data in accordance with our instructions, and in compliance with all applicable data protection regulations in relation to their processing activities. For example, CVCA utilizes servers from Cloudways to host our platform and to store our data. 

By using our platform, you understand and agree that your personal information may be stored in any or all Cloudways servers. More information about Cloudways compliance can be found on its terms of service page: https://​www​.cloud​ways​.com/en/t…

Protection of your personal information

We have technical and organizational security measures in place reasonably designed to protect against unauthorized access to, or unauthorized alteration, disclosure, or destruction of personal information. The security measures we use are appropriate to the nature, scope and purpose for which we use the personal data we collect. We require our services providers to have appropriate security measures in place as well. Our measures include internal reviews of our data collection, storage, and processing practices and security measures, as well as physical security measures to guard against unauthorized access to systems where we store personal data. We have processes in place related to complying with data subject requests and to provide notices as required under applicable law, to address complaints and to comply with breach reporting procedures and incident management plans. CVCA networks are protected by industry-standard firewall and password protection systems. Our security and privacy policies are periodically reviewed and enhanced as necessary. 


We use Cookies to know when you’ve logged into our site, remember your preferred site language, location, and other preferences, and may also use cookies to help us understand how our customers use our Services and to deliver advertisements relevant to your interests. This information allows us to personalize the user experience and improve the quality of our Services. Our third-party partners may also use Cookies to provide us with services and for advertising.

Clients & Suppliers

If you need to update your personal information or make a data subject request, please email us at membership@​cvca.​ca Your email will be directed to the correct CVCA team to take action with respect to your request.

Website Visitors

If you need to update your preferences or personal information, you need only email us at membership@​cvca.​ca or follow the instructions contained in any email we have sent to you to unsubscribe or change your preferences.

Exercise of Privacy Rights

We won’t discriminate against our customers who choose to exercise their rights to access, control, or delete their personal information. Some of our Services, however, may require your personal information. If you choose not to provide your personal information, you may not be able to use those Services.

Your consent

If you are submitting personal information from any IP address, you consent to the collection and use of any personal information and any related information in the manner described in this Privacy Policy. CVCA will only use your personal information if it can do so in a lawful manner that is consistent with this Privacy Policy.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

CVCA reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time by distributing and/​or posting a new Privacy Policy, without notice. We encourage you to review our Privacy Policy on a regular basis so that you will be aware of any changes to it. When we make changes to this Privacy Policy, we’ll revise the​“last updated” date at the top of this page.